miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


El presente blog fue una actividad que realizamos los alumnos del 5º semestre y que fue sugerida por el profesor Juan Ernrique Cabrales Sanchez, a mi en lo personal me ayudo de gran manera, no es perfecto, pero el esfuerzo se hizo en este espacio pude escribir todo lo que yo quise.

Quiero agradecer al Teacher Cabrales por todo el apoyo que nos dio a mi y todos mis compañeros y espero que les ayude tambien a las proximas generaciones y puedan tambien expresar en este espacio todo lo que ustedes deseen y explotar mucho mas creatividad.

Martha Patricia Hernandez Aviles


If young couples in my country want to get married, they must first get permission from their parents. Generally, both Begin visitiing each other´s families.

When they are sure they want to get married, the couple organize a reunion with her parents to formally request hand and her the guy gives a ring to her as a symbol of the engagement.Then,a date is set for the weadding.

When the date comes the bride wears a weadding dress and the guy wears a nice suit.
They go to church to recive the blessing og God along their relatives and friends, And they have a party to celebrate.

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008


My most beautiful memories are when I was in high school.
I had a lot experiences goods and bads,in this time I had pass very well,I met a great people of which have your friendship.
they are Rebeca and Bere my great friends,they finish your carrers and I am feel proud of them.
I remember when my friend Bere and I were in a folcklore grup of dance. Was a great experience have belonged at the selection of the folcklore group of the Colegio de Bachilleres (COBAT)


One more time ending the semester,I want to give the thanks of my teacher Juan Antonio Cabrales because in this semester I had learning a lot.

I like very much how to drive the class and I think that is a exellent professor.
About me I am feel satisfied with my achievements, but a would like to give more.I know a can.

Thanks teacher and a really hope to see the next semester.



Try finding a coffeemaker, an ¡pod ,or birthday candles not made in China, and you`ll see the results of what American manufacturers call the "China price ":Goods can be cheaply in China that it`s cornered the market on many products. For Americans, the flip side of los factory jobs in an abundance of good deals at Wal-Mart. And despite scares over lead-laced Barbies and taintes pet food, the goods keep on coming, making China`s Guangdong Province the world's manufacturing mecca.
For every shipping container bringing materials into Guangdong's port, nice go out filled whit exports.

Dear Sir or Madam...

Dear Sir or Madame :

Last weekend my boyfriend and I arrived at your popular cafeteria looking for a very nice time to spend together.
The motto in your window reads: "Where your friends are as special as you are".Unfortunately the service that day didn't reflect those words.
As soon as we arrived there we had the chance to sit at a table and we waited for almost half an hour for a waiter to help us. There were not too many peole for this to happend but I have to point out that the music was good and this helped us to be patient. However, when we were finally service the waiter spilled a cup of coffe on my brand new jacked, it costed me $15 to have it cleaned.
My jacked doesn't look that good anymore. I had never had and experience such like this anywhere. I hope you can understand my complain because I want you to refund the money for another brand new jacked

Sincerely yours ,

Martha Patricia Hernandez.

silly cuestions, brillant answers

1.- Why do yuo thik so mkany people turned down Bowerman's idea?

2.- Why do you think Smith professor gave him a C on the project ?

3.- Which idea has led to the most imitations ?

4.- Dou you have any ideas for the new products or services ? What are they?